I’m sorry my friends.

I loved you deeply,
But I was crippled.
My soul destroyed,
Wounds still bleading.

You showed love,
To a blind heart.
You filled it with joy,
You made it alive.

The heart was happy,
But still too blind to see,
What you did,
What you ment to me.

I cry for you,
Together with my heart,
We shed tears of longing,
And miss you immensely.

I’m sorry for leaving,
I will love you always.

I feel the pain of women,
The women who hurt me.

The women who used me,
Traumatised and molested me,
The woman who raped me.
All the women in my life,
Who gave me misery and anger.

I feel their pain now,
See the place they came from.

I see their bruises,
Which tell a story,
Of pain and suffering.
Their screams suppressed,
Their life oppressed,
By men without a soul.

Like a wounded animal,
With no escape route,
They seized the chance,
And took a part of me,
Colateral victim,
Of gender wars.

I whish a better place for them,
A place without suffering.
No suppression, no oppression,
No soulless beings,
No wars, no victims,
No wounded animals.

I whish they find a place of love,
Where their screams will stop,
Wounds will heal,
And peace will come.

A sequel to a dialogue attempt

Screenshoot from Medium.com

Recently I’ve read an article about cancel culture:

I agree with the article and see the perils of cancel culture. It’s a serious issue, we need more people standing up against the mob mentality. But after I read it, I was worried as to whether the article will have an…

You were brutal,
You gave me hell.

I longed for love,
Someone to care,
To understand me.
To hold me and say,
Everything will be OK.

I was alone,
I was lost,
Suffering in silence.

I became angry,
I hated you,
I wanted to hurt you,
To give you back,
What you gave to me.

But you were already hurt,
By life, and people,
Who had power over you.
They were brutal,
They gave you hell.
They made you hurt me.

You also longed for love,
Someone to care,
To understand you.
You kept it in silence,
Suffering alone.

I understand you now,
I feel your pain.

I discovered love,
The anger is fading,
I no longer whish to hurt you.
I just want to hold you.
Everything will be OK.

To good men who want to throw the towel

By Juliana Coutinho on Flickr

There are women who don't deserve you. There are women who are envolved in their self righteousness, full of anger and hatred, abusive, selfish, will shame you, belittle you, use you materially and emotionally, care more about their looks than your heart, hate men, obsessed with victim role and false…

I fall.
I fall freely, helplessly,
Into you.

I feared the fall,
Now I embrace it.
Surrender to it,
Surrender myself to you.

I let go,
My fears, my doubts,
Gave up,
Took the fall.

Will I fall into your heart?
Or into an abyss?
Will the fall hurt me?
Or rise me up?

It doesn't matter,
I like the fall.
Enjoy the faĺling,
Free and unbound.

Into new and unknown,
Unpredictable, awakening,
I fall.

Pepe Una

Stranded on this creepy planet. Not being manly enough in a world full of aliens. Surviving it as I go. Giving Patreon a try: https://www.patreon.com/pepeuna

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