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Women face discrimination, risks and perils that many men cannot even immagine, on a daily basis. The unsafety of the social environent and the constant struggle women have to fight against a systematic disparity is something which cannnot be trully felt by someone who didn’t experience the same kind of life. Yes, there are many cases when men get discriminated and abused (much more than it’s commonly thought), but still, the majority of victims of abuse, hatred, overpowerment and inequality are women.

In the last several years we’ve seen a lot of effort being invested in the protection of women…

And how to free yourself from it

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For many men, the notion that every woman wants a dick, shapes their perception of women. I hear it all around being tossed by “real men” in their “real men” peer group and beyond. It’s also widely rejected and condemned by the proponents of the struggle for gender equality. They usually regard it as a far from the truth misogynistic way of thinking. I say there is some truth in it, just not the kind of truth many men believe in.

Despite the long cultural conditioning throughout the history, more and more women today are discovering their sexuality and becoming…

A guideline to help us avoid emotional misunderstandings

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Recently my partner and I had an emotional misunderstanding. I said something which hurt her (it’s personal and not important here). When we talked about it the next day, she told me “the way you said it was a cruel” which in turn hurt me. We talked about it again the next day and I told her that saying I acted in a cruel way means she sees me as a person capable of being cruel towards her. …

I fall.
I fall freely, helplessly,
Into you.

I feared the fall,
Now I embrace it.
Surrender to it,
Surrender myself to you.

I let go,
My fears, my doubts,
Gave up,
Took the fall.

Will I fall into your heart?
Or into an abyss?
Will the fall hurt me?
Or rise me up?

It doesn't matter,
I like the fall.
Enjoy the faĺling,
Free and unbound.

Into new and unknown,
Unpredictable, awakening,
I fall.

Cuando me dejas,
no me siento solo,
esta sensación,
me gusta mucho.

Cuando me dejas,
todavía siento,
tú en mí y mí en tú,
te siento cercano.

Nuestra conexión
se hace más profunda,
transciende lo físico,
me rellena.

Dejame, siempre.

Me despierto, a medio ojo, tú en mi mente, un sentimiento de ti en mí.
Estoy medio dormido, pero ya te quiero... tenerte cerca en mi abrazo, unir nuestros cuerpos, sentir tu calor, tu fuego...
Todo mi cuerpo te desea... ardo por ti

Imagino todo lo que vamos a hacer juntos y me hace muy córneo... Despertar juntos, mirar el sol, disfrutar la naturaleza, trabajar en jardín, cocinar, hablar de vida, universo, nuestros miedos y felicidades, quedarse en paz... Caminar por el bosque... follar contra un árbol, juntos, unidos... disfrutar tu cuerpo y tú el mío... Me enciendes, me rellenas…

I have never been truly loved.

My parents never loved me. They loved the idea of a family life, their parental and caregiver role, and the image of an ideal child they wanted to raise, but they never loved ME, as I am. They never got to know me. They have put most of their parental efforts into emotional manipulation and conditioning, shaping me into their ideal image (unsuccessfully), and none into discovering what kind of person I really am. I know I cannot speak for them nor know what was their inner emotional state, but I never felt really…

Horizon nearby Rojas de Cuauhtémoc

This is a two part story about my life changing experience. In the first part I described the experience which initiated the change, and what it helped me discover about myself:

How I got out of a 30 year emotional mindfuck — Part 1: Dawn in México

Long story short, the abuse I experienced in my childhood by my father had a deep impact on my life, made me live in a 30 year emotional mindfuck and brought me to the brink of killing myself. Luckily, I decided to make a change in my life, which led me to a…

Dawn in Nabani

Few years ago I started to have a strong feeling something is not right in my life.

I had my own company which was doing OK, stable income, friends to hang around… but I wasn’t happy. I was feeling a lack of emotional fulfillness, had a history of bad relationships, didn’t have any profound friendships, couldn’t find people I can really connect to and had a slight but constant feeling of depression for years.

I felt I needed a change, and a big one. I didn’t yet know what I had to do, but I knew I needed to change…

No place for me,
I wonder alone,
Through a silent forest,
Of human minds.

Loud are the trees,
In their universes,
Saying nothing,
I could understand.

A lone wolfine,
Old and tired,
Too tired to see,
Lost in the forest,
Exhausted by the trees.

Her wolf wonders,
Miles apart,
Or behind a tree,
Lost and tired,
Too tired to see.

They go to sleep,
Alone and empty,
Hoping tomorrow,
Will find each other,
Behind a tree.

Pepe Una

Stranded on this creepy planet. Not being manly enough in a world full of aliens. Surviving it as I go. Giving Patreon a try:

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